Eccentric Newspapers (Detroit)

". . . a rock solid performance of Brahms' D Minor Piano Concerto . . . Martin played the Brahms with a full-driven intensity . . . She outlined many subtle nuances in the music that many pianists tend to overlook . . . The end result was as good as an extra maraschino cherry on an ice cream sundae."

Detroit Free Press

“ . . . profoundly charming.  The [St. Clair] Trio plays with lovely poise and high spirits”

Strad Magazine

"magnificent in Arnold’s Trio . . . Pauline Martin is the bedrock of the [ St. Clair ] trio . . . Together they give as fine an account as you are ever likely to encounter.

Audio Adventure

"Pauline Martin makes a meal of this one - her fast movements sparkle and the notes ripple off the keyboard with a life of their own. I can’t imagine better performances."Type your paragraph here.

Brandon Sun (Canada)

" . . . remarkable, even dazzling . . . with a sensitive grasp of the music backed by rare intelligence."

Grand Haven Tribune

". . . a standing ovation was given guest artist Pauline Martin, nationally known pianist who played Sergei Rachmaninoff's "Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 18," with beauty and power."

Winnipeg Free Press

"Her innate musicality is a revelation"

Washington Post Headline: Pauline Martin’s Dazzling Debut

"Pianist Pauline Martin made her Washington debut at the Phillips Collection yesterday afternoon, and it was a dazzler . . . her musical insight is impressive. And her craftsmanship was evident from the opening Bach Partita in C Minor, a contrapuntal delight. Martin demonstrated her command of dynamics in a balanced, colorful and thoroughly engrossing performance of Beethoven's Sonata No. 30, Op. 109. Prokofiev's Sonata in A Minor and Hétu's Variations, two stark modern works, contrasted well with the lyrical romanticism of two Chopin etudes. Chopin's Andante Spianato and Grand Polonaise was played rapturously and sensually, a spirited end to a fine recital rewarded by loud, sustained applause."

Now Magazine


 Winston-Salem Journal

"Martin solos jauntily in a lighthearted suite from the ballet ‘Homage to the Queen’. . . . Arnold’s ‘Five Pieces for Violin and Piano" are played by Boisvert and Martin with passion, astringency and jazzy flair. And this diverting disc [ Hobson’s Choice] ends bracingly with a taut performance of the Op. 5 Trio [ by Sir Malcolm Arnold] "

Dearborn Press and Guide

"Martin showed an exquisite touch, even runs and clearly defined melodies [ in Mozart’s Concerto #23 in A] ."

Windsor Star (Windsor, Canada)

"Enter last-minute replacement, Pauline Martin, [who] played [ the Schumann Concerto] with grace . . . temperament, risk and confidence"

Contemporary Recording Society News

“Equally challenging for the performers is the 1992 ‘Montage’ by James Lentini, a work which alternates between various textures and moods and is given a sensitive and technically brilliant performance by the St. Clair Trio”

CD Classics

"There is no denying the passion and commitment of (performers Pauline Martin, Geoffrey Applegate and Marcy Chanteaux)...bold and energetic readings"

Sequenza 21  

Review of Imaginary Creatures CD:  Works by James Hartway
“For what it’s worth, my favorite piece on the program is Three Myths for solo piano. Pauline Martin gives an authoritative account of this rhythmically alive and very listenable suite. The disc as a whole is recommended for those whose taste in the new runs towards the accessible.”  - Steve Hicken

Washington Post

"Gripping performance"

Dagblaðið-Visir, Reykjavik, Iceland

"a delightfully fine pianist. She played . . . with a great deal of energy, power and confidence."

Eccentric Newspapers, Detroit

Headline:Pauline Martin Thrives On Challenges
"Etudes by Rachmaninoff and Chopin were presented as encores for the cheering, applauding audience. There are many competent pianists with impressive technique these days. Few can elevate themselves above the technical showmanship. Pauline Martin belongs to this select group who can and do."

Erie Square Gazette Headline: 

Pianist Pauline Martin Mesmerizes. “The audience was entranced… the compositions by Schubert, Ravel and Chopin evoked suspense and awe from a crowd where even small children remained silent, seemingly fixated by the pieces’ emotion"

Detroit Free Press

“ . . . excellent CD . . . Martin gives a sinewy reading of ‘Homage to the Queen’ by Sir Malcolm Arnold.”

 International Record Review

“I played this CD [Old Acquaintances: works by Franz Waxman] five times in one sitting this afternoon, and I still want more.  The St. Clair Trio and friends play these miniatures with alertness and class.  The Trio has been playing together since 1989, and the musical rewards of this long-term affiliation are clear.”


The [Sir Malcolm Arnold's] own suite for solo piano, Homage to the Queen, makes thoroughly diverting listening . . .expert and stylish . . . the relaxed bonhomie of the music making is easy to enjoy."

Morgunblaðið (Reykjavik, Iceland)

". . . magnificently played. Pauline Martin is a powerful pianist . . . a communicative performer."

Detroit News

"Guest pianist Pauline Martin is . . . a find. She is thoroughly accomplished and responsive to the unpredictable demands of performance."

Salt Lake City Deseret News

"For me, the discovery in this collection is Arnold’s own piano suite, "Homage to the Queen", [ played by Pauline Martin] . Here was the playful angularity (e.g. jagged syncopations of the waltz) of his best music, but with a French sensibility that embraced everything from Faure to Poulenc"

Plymouth Crier (Plymouth, Michigan)

". . . fantastic performance . . . powerful and flawless . . . breathtaking"